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THE SWEC-MIRAM scholarship is awarded annually in honor of my mother & father, whose names are Mira and Ram = MIRAM !!!   

My mother was a philanthropist who strived to encourage education across all levels of society, particularly for the ones who could not afford a simple primary education! She would go to construction sites, pick up the children, bring them home, bathe them, stitch clothes and would start teaching in the garden of our house in Mumbai. My father’s unwavering support and encouragement is what we as children saw in our growing years. I will never ever forget the tears in my father’s eyes, as my mother was felicitated for her work!!!  I hope to carry the lineage. 🙏

The sole aim of this scholarship is to make it easy and possible for deserving students to pursue their academic dreams. The scholarship can be in the form of a total fee waiver from SWEC or 50% fee waiver from SWEC. This scholarship can be received in India and is valid till the student receives an admit in the same intake he/she has applied for.

The SWEC-MIRAM SCHOLARSHIP is also available to the Alumni of SWEC!

1)   For excellent grades at the University in Europe 1/4 CGPA

The nature of this Scholarship will be in the form of Euros (€) to cover your two months expenses and a Certificate.

2)   For creating an excellent “SWECOLOUGE“ like a travelogue, showcasing locations along with excellent commentary / information. This video must be at least 2/3 minutes long.

The nature of this Scholarship will be in form a Certificate and the video will be uploaded on the SWEC website / YouTube.

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