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Carrying with us a total of 47 years of experience, our focus is mainly in the academic-rich, South Western European Corridor (SWEC).

Europe has always had the world in awe. It’s culture, history, geography, resilience, perseverance, technology, scientists, philosophers, everything about Europe is mesmerizing!

Germany dwells in the heart of Europe. Germany stood up as a strong nation through sheer resilience and discipline, coming out of the silhouettes of the terrible war that had brought the nation down to rubbles. Since when Germany opened its corridors to International Education, a feat only Germany could do almost in a record time, offering about 2000 Programs in English language and inviting and enticing students from this Global Village to participate learn, research and grow with contagious enthusiasm, other European countries have followed suit.

Overseas university education is actually a life changing experience not only from an ‘education’ perspective, but also from a ‘global culture’ perspective. Our Counselors understand “Global Culture” and making you ready for a new environment is one of our most important feature.

Our aim: to show our youth Europe from an academic point of view. We want our youth to mingle with global Universities, get global education and be a global citizen.

We instill in our students, the value of being a global citizen who carries global responsibilities on their shoulders. We urge our students to get the best global education and bring the “brain “back to India, and make it proud. Our “Alumni Program “works to connect the Europe returned Masters / PHDs to work with the Indian diaspora and the Government instilled Entrepreneur Programs.


Being at the helm of affairs means taking tough decisions- everyday. To feel strongly about the future of your biz and to implement, transform & innovate at the same time is a mammoth task. To act in conviction needs a different METTLE.It tests one’s physical, mental and emotional strengths. I had to adapt my habits to better serve me, my students, their families, my colleagues and my family. Each situation is a great learning experience and serves as a guiding post. By taking charge, I needed to be more MINDFUL of the impact I can have on the people around me, even parents. Every interaction, no matter how small, is a symbol that gets amplified through the Organization.
I need to do my job well, till my ‘ faculties ‘ are with me and till I can keep creating a valid difference in people’s lives.

Madhavi Mauskar Kharshikar

We also strive and organize Internships in India .Our Counselors are highly qualified , to be with you , hand –hold you , understand you and your needs .

We believe in “Quality“ and not “Quantity“ and therefore we have a motto to take only 7 students in a month.We wish to maintain the Counselor – Student ratio to 1:1 .

Come to us for Counseling and take back with you a lot of interesting life’s stories! Our Counselors are Life Coaches and Mentors too!! Take advantage of our experience and make a difference in your education.

Why Choose us


Choose SWEC for the unflinching support & guidance that we carry over 47 years of experience ;  we are NOT INTO MAKING MONEY ; SWEC stands for solidarity, affordability, surety & long lasting bonding.

Our Mission


To make our youth a “ global citizen “ helping him/her to intellectually render accountability & responsibility towards the Globe. We wish to create rich estuaries.

Our Vision


To enable every aspiring youth to be able to pursue his/her dream of higher education in Europe ; to help, assist in whatever way we can.

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Meet our Team

Asmita Joshi Nakhate
Head, Nagpur SWEC
Pooja Rowlo
Student Co-ordinator
Meghana Bhide
Internal Documentation Officer
Apurva Shinde
Shoba Nair
Shilpa Shetiya Deodikar
Partner Services
Saumitra Joshi
Sayali Joshi
German Tutor
Sunita Bhatia
German Tutor
The Butterfly Effect Studio
Web Development Team
Nikita Deo
Marketing Merchandiser
Suhas Bapat
Marketing Merchandiser
Merchandise Partner
Jacob John
Travel Partner
Prasanna Naik

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