Pre – Departure Gathering Summer Semester 2024


Thank you for organizing this wonderful program that help both parents and students.Most of the fears that parents often have while sending their child to different country for education were resolved,resulting in happy and proud moments for all of us.I have not heard of any Consultant that keep in touch with their students till they fly and settle in their new country..🙏

By Mrs. Sangeeta D'souza ,
Mother of Floyd D'souza

Mrs Hande

Pre – Departure Gathering Winter Semester 2023


Mrs Mistri mother of Aryan Mistri

Mr. Pagare

Mr. & Mrs. Bhonsale

Mr & Mrs Arur Parents of Gaurang & Gauri Arur

Father & Sister of Radha Rakse

Rupali Virkar Mother of Saumitra Joshi

Pre – Departure Gathering Summer Semester 2023


Mr. & Mrs. Raskar Parents of Siddhi Raskar

Mrs. Vaishali Choudhary Parents of Atharva Choudhary

Mr & Mrs Pathrave Parents of Rohan Pathrave

Mr. & Mrs. Pohanekar (Jyoti Pohanekar Parent’s)

Mr. & Mrs. Raja (Hamza Raja Parent’s)

Mr. Mrs. Chiluka (Vandana Chiluka Parent’s)

Mr.& Mrs. Pathak (Akshay Pathak Parent’s)

Mr. & Mrs. Kadam (Nishit Kadam Parent’s)

Smt. Sujata Pendharkar (Pranav Pendharkar Mother)

Smt. Pranali Pilankar (Shaunakk Pilankar Mother)

Mr. & Mrs. Wadke (Ankita Wadke Parents)

Pre – Departure Gathering Summer Semester 2021 – 21st February, 2021


Mr. Rajput

Mrs. Sukte

Mrs. Joshi

Mrs. Sawant

Parents of Sarvesh Mayekar – 08th January, 2021


Mr. Mayekar

Mrs. Mayekar

Pre-Departure Gathering Summer Semester 2020 Date: 8th Feb 2020


Mrs. Bihare

Mrs Sharmila Shetye from Goa

Mrs Mestry