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Pre-Departure Winter Semester 2023


Pre-Departure Summer Semester 2023


Pre-Departure Winter Semester 2022


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Pre-Departures Winter Semester 2021


Bachelor’s Program


Pooja Rowlo Student Co-ordinator at SWEC

Saumitra Joshi German Language Teacher at SWEC

Sayli Joshi German Language Teacher at SWEC

Anurag More from Limerick, Ireland

Samiksha Sharma from Munich

Madhura Patil from Belgium

Pre-Departure Gathering Summer Semester 2020 Date: 8th Feb 2020


Pre-Departure Gathering Winter Semester Date: 11th Aug 2019


Pre-Departure Gathering Winter Semester 2018


By Rutuja Tayade,
Anhalt, Germany


I want to express my gratitude for being a part of my greatest achievement. Yesterday, I defended my thesis and officially declared as Masters in Biomedical Engineering . Very grateful for guiding me through this . You play important role for this achievement . I’ll be returning soon back to India . Hope you are keeping your good health . Hope to meet you soon. Thank you again ❤️

By Bhushan Sontakke,
Baltimore Maryland


Happy teachers day mam🤗🤗 Thanks for all the hard work you took behind are the ladder to every child’s success those who are fulfilling their dreams today in many countries.. We miss you and hope to meet you soon🤗🤗

By Komal Parab Reno,
Nevada, USA


You really have no idea how you have influenced me & us, you where the standing pillar for me and for everyone else, a month from today I will completing my goal of achieving my degree and there is no chance I will ever forget you. You were there just like my parents helping me, making me to think positive in every step and trust me we all are very lucky to have you. I would really like to invite you on our convocation on 8th May, 2018. You were not just my coach guide, but it turns out, that you became my friend with whom I shared my feelings, my guide towards life. Thank you mam for being there always. Love you. Take care

By Tushar Shegokar,
Detriot, USA


You are like a friend, leader a person who motivates me, inspires me . you showed me the path for my bright future. You are truely a phenomenal leader who has inspired the life of so many like us. For you it might me a routine but for us to be under your wings was a lot. Its because of you that I am what I am today. Little talk with you that use to uplift me and feel me up with positive energy. Role of the GURU/teacher is beyond what I can define in words. Thanking you would not be enough but I can only express my gratitude towards you. Keep showering your blessings and love the same throughout.

By Vardhan Satalkar,
Norman, USA


You inspired me to teach. I will always our hope…I can teach like you , with passion ! Carry on!

By Pooja Gundu,
Sr. Analyst with Pwc, Mumbai


You have always been an inspiration to many students and I am sure you will never stop inspiring young students in your life! Your passion will surely bring success ! All the best ma’am! Looking forward to see you.