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Last Updated : 05-06-2024
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Assessment Centre or Development Centre is specially designed by us for Corporates, Organizations, Industries, any place which has an employee strength of above 500.

The main purpose of such a Centre is to assess ‘existing personnel ‘ , who are in the rung for a promotion. For eg. A Manager, who is in the line for a promotion next year , goes through such an Assessment Centre. The Organization would like to know , whether this Manager is “ready“ for his new role and responsibilities. Does he have the skills and competencies needed for the new role ? Such and many internal , typical to the organization questions and concerns are raised .

We suggest a “simulated 3 day assessment“ ; in which such Managers go through a ‘developmental challenges‘ .

The outcome of such an assessment helps the Organization to take further steps.

We also do assessments for Expats.

Our clientele are Tata Motors, J.P. Morgen, Continental Tires , to name a few

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