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Last Updated : 23-05-2024
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The bigger the ‘ flutter ‘ , the bigger the Alumni !

To create a healthy ecosystem and healthy environment for all like –minded students going for higher education , we have our “SCHMETTERLINGE ALUMNI “

Click here for ALUMNI events and happenings.. This will get populated and pollinated as more and more “ butterflies “ will fly

Ever wondered why our Alumni are called Butterfly or Schmetterling … Here’s an interesting fact …. The butterfly by name “Vanesa cardui” , a tiny yet mighty …all of 2 inches …migrates across 14000 kms…to seek eternal spring . They seek the best place to be in … 😊

Importantly they travel from south to northern Europe and back and again back … This is their trajectory!! This species have extraordinary risk taking strategies and have great Instinct against fear….which lets them cross mountains, oceans, deserts . It is in their genetic buildup and they don’t pay any heed to any distractions on their way !!!

Interesting analogy, right ?? 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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